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Exchange Claims for Money!

One of the fastest and safest ways that creditors can use in order to get their money back is for them to sell their debt claims to us. This method is called non-recourse factoring, which means that by selling us the debt claim you will also be transferring to us the risk of not getting the debt sum back as well. In other words, should the debt remain unpaid by the debtor after you have sold the claim to us, you will not be obliged to reclaim the debt claim.

We are ready to consider purchasing a debt portfolio in whatever quantity, consisting of debt claims that are still in force and have not been in court.

We are experienced in aquiring debt portfolios in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and that with creditors of very different fields of activity - telecoms, banks, providers of small loans, info catalogues, retail catalogues, universities, etc.

If you feel that it would be reasonable to free your company's money tied up under debt claims and redirect it to economic activities, then do not hesitate to contact us!