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Experienced Debt Hunters

Võlakütid OÜ (“võlakütid” is the Estonian for “debt hunters”) has been established by professionals who have gained their extensive experience from working as the key employees of leading debt collection companies of Estonia. We have combined our experience and knowledge and set up a joint company in order to offer creditors top quality services and professional help to support credit sales and solve debt problems.

During the 10 years that we have been handling debt claims and dealing with debtors, we have helped more than 5,000 creditors and processed more than 30,000 debt claims. By today, we are confident enough to call ourselves experts in the field.

We are ready to, and capable of, helping both creditors with single debt claims as well as a creditor owning debt portfolios consisting of tens of thousands of private person small debts. No number of debt claims is either too small or too large for us, no debt claim is either too small or too big, no claim is either too complex or too simple... for us, there are only debt relationships that need resolving and money tied up under debt claims that needs to be freed.